1. Our growing faculty is made up of practicing professionals and thought-leaders who are passionate about what they do.

    Our INNOVATION ED faculty is comprised of CTOs, business leaders, designers, programmers, serial entrepreneurs, and many others. All professionals who not only know the theory but have put it into practice with great success. They have chosen to teach at Stamford because they believe in sharing their skills and fostering a community of innovative thinkers.

    We’ll be constantly adding to the list below as INNOVATION ED expands. For profiles, interviews and news, subscribe to the INNOVATION ED weekly letter.

    Joe Dolce
    PR Bootcamp & PR Showdown

    Joe Dolce is a veteran media and PR executive. He has successfully trained celebrities, CEOs, authors, leading scientists, academics, doctors, chefs, PR professionals, journalists, and business leaders in crisis management mode. Over his career, he has repositioned two major magazines, launched one New York City nightclub and one website. He has been the Editor-in-Chief of Details and Star magazines; Features Editor at Vogue; and Arts Editor at Harper’s Bazaar. Joe has also worked doing Public Relations and constructing effective messaging and positioning campaigns for brands and personalities, large and small. He has also interviewed leaders in business, media, the arts and sciences – Hugh Hefner, Barry Diller, Dr. Andrew Weil, Julia Child, Dr. Antonio Damasio, River Phoenix to name a few, giving him additional insight into how clients should prepare their own message for the media. LinkedIn


    Daniel Krasner

    Ask the Data Scientist

    Prior to entering the world of data science Daniel was a researcher at the Mathematical Research Institute in CA, and an assistant professor at UCLA. He holds a PhD in pure mathematics from Columbia University, having worked in the intersection of low-dimensional topology, representation theory and homological algebra, and a BS in math from UC Berkeley. He has numerous publications in the field. Previous to JRL Daniel was the Chief Data Scientist at Sailthru, an email and analytics platform, in charge of building the data team as well as running the analytics side of the business. His focus was on data mining, data visualization, recommendation systems, business intelligence, decision support and predictive behavioral modeling. Daniel is also the co-founder of KFit Solutions, a data science consulting firm, and has worked on projects in the hedge-fund, advertising, online news, and start-up space. After entering the private sector Daniel has written and spoken extensively on the subject of transition from academia to industry, as well as the data science space at large. He is also an adjunct professor at Columbia University, co-teaching Applied Data Science in the spring 2013. LinkedIn

    Ian Langmore

    Ask the Data Scientist

    Ian received a B.S. and M.S. in electrical engineering from the University of California in San Diego. Along the way he worked with the Institute for Nonlinear Science and the High-Speed Circuits and Devices Group. He then changed directions and completed a PhD in pure mathematics at the University of Washington in Seattle. After that he moved to NYC to work as a postdoc in the applied math department at Columbia University. He worked mostly at designing and proving theorems about Monte Carlo algorithms. Upon entering the private sector, Ian worked for Opera Solutions as a staff scientist where he developed default models for home loans. He currently co-teaches the course Applied Data Science at Columbia University.  LinkedIn

    Terence Mickey

    Storytelling Workshop & Storytelling Showdown

    Terence Mickey has developed storytelling trainings for Mercer’s Leadership Development Program, Ford’s Integrated Global Communications, Wrigley’s Global Innovation Team, Mass Mutual’s Retirement Sales Division,  and other Fortune 500 companies, as well as presented at Discovery’s Creative Speaker Series, Prudential’s Top of the Rock Summit and Marsh’s Global Executive Conference. By teaching the art of personal storytelling, Terence shows executives in various industries how to leverage storytelling for leadership development, employee engagement, sales training, branding and presentation design.  LinkedIn

    Bridget Williams
    The Three Stages of Business Development

    Bridget Williams is the Senior Vice President of Business and Audience Management for Business Insider, a leading business site offering real-time news, analysis, and original commentary. She partners expertise in business development and product strategy with copious experience using online media to market products and grow audiences.  In the past she has been the President of Split Rock New Media and worked at ShortTail Media and SharedBook Inc. Her specialties include business development, audience development, digital and social media, and product strategy. Bridget is a graduate Marquette University with a degree in Business Administration. LinkedIn

    Dan Taylor
    Effective e-Mail and Newsletter Campaigns

    Daniel Taylor has extensive experience in the business of communications and corporate marketing. From 1985 to1992 he was the Senior Creative Director at William Snyder Design, Inc. in New York City. He was responsible for developing marketing and advertising materials for Exxon Corporation, AT&T, Merrill Lynch, ABC Television and MTV Networks. Prior to that he worked as a freelance designer at Pushpin, Lubalin, Peckolick, NYC; Beau Gardner Associates, NYC; and Steve Burnett, Inc., NYC. He received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design in 1983 from the Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY. LinkedIn


    Chris Yerkes
    Effective e-Mail and Newsletter Campaigns

    Chris is a 2008 graduate of Quinnipiac University with a Bachelor of Arts in Interactive Digital Design. Since joining our studio in 2010, Chris has developed a variety of interactive tools and e-communications for MasterCard, Long Island Sound Study, Protegrity, Westminster School, and Right Management. Previously Chris was employed as the lead web designer at Media Infocus Studios, creating e-communications using XHTML, CSS, JQuery, Flash and developing content management system based websites. LinkedIn

    Peter Bell
    How to Specify Software
    How to Manage Software Development

    Peter has been helping companies manage software development since 1996. He has been responsible for delivering more than 400 software projects over the last seventeen years. He is currently writing a book for Pearson on managing software development and has helped over 1000 entrepreneurs to better understand technology and technologists so they can more effectively build the software their businesses require. LinkedIn

    Eric Burd

    Rolling out Lean Inside the Enterprise

    Bio coming soon.